Monday, September 10, 2018



9 September 2018

Dear Parents/Caregivers

We are having a little breakup on Wednesday the 12th of September from 3-4pm in hall. We have organized a viewing of their show and a few things to hand to each child as well as some activities and fun games.

Lucy and Tayla will be there and will be running games and activities. Should be a fun afternoon. Any questions or concerns please contact me. This notice will be coming home tomorrow as well on Monday the 10th September. 

Shanelle McCashin

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Thank You

If you were unlucky to miss our Showquest show, we will be performing on 17th August in Fridays assembly. Our Showquest production was amazing and we are so proud of all the children. Big thank you to Taylor and Lucy for all their hard work and time with the children over the last few months.  Thanks to our helpers on the day Robyn Hall (for helping with costumes as well), Leonie Neilson, Natalie Wheeler, Rebecca Daniels! Thanks again to all the parents that popped in and out during the day and your support getting children to practices and the grand show.  We were lucky enough to have some JPC helpers, Sedona, Lauren, Gina, Lilly, Kasey, Shaya thank you for all your help on the day. Some photos below from the Showquest crew. Checkout their facebook page for videos and more.

Shanelle, Kelley and Bernie

Friday, August 10, 2018

Final Notice! Kids will be given this to go home today!



Dear Parents/Caregivers,

It’s Showtime on Monday night and we are all very excited.
This notice is to let you know the details for the next few days.

Sunday:  Full Dress Rehearsal!
We are having a full dress rehearsal on Sunday from 1-4pm.  
Please let us know if your child is allergic to face paint or make up.
Please bring:
  • snack/water bottle
  • Jazz girls need their school shoes and school dress uniform.
  • Hip hop girls: if they haven’t brought their black long leggings in, they need to on Sunday.

Monday: Show Day
Children will need to come to school in a named PE uniform and school jersey.
When children arrive at 8.30am they need to meet in the hall. Please make sure your
child has a packed lunch and water bottle. Children can bring a book, cards or something
quiet to do.  As we cannot take responsibility for missing gadgets etc,
we ask that these stay at home.

Time Table for Monday
8.30am   - 8.45am Arrive at school and meet in the hall. Roll call
8.45am - 10.30am  Practice
10.30am - 11.00am  Morning Tea/Play
10.50am - 11.15am Eat and pack up
11.15am - 11.30am Prepare to head down to the Event Centre by bus
11.30am - 11.45am Arrive at the Event Centre
11.45am - 12.00pm Prepare for dress rehearsal
12.00pm - 12.40pm Rehearsal
12.40pm - 01.20pm Lunch break
01.20pm - 04.15pm Getting hair and hip hop makeup done.  
04.15pm - 04.45pm Dinner Time (provided by the school - Pizzas from Dominos)
04.45pm - 07.00pm Getting everyone ready! Lock down is at 4.45pm, so no one will be
      allowed in and out of the preparation area after this time!
07.00pm - 08.45pm Show should finish no later than 8.45pm

PLEASE NOTE: Monday 13th make sure your child has No Nail polish, No Earrings/Jewellry,
No Valuables. Students are expected to be on their best behaviour at all times.

After the show has finished you can collect your child from the foyer. When collecting your
child one of the teachers needs to be told so they can mark your child off as being collected.

If your child has any special dietary requirements please let us know in written form.
Any medications please have these in a named bag with written instructions, and give
to Kelley or Shanelle on Monday morning.  

If you have any concerns or need to contact us on the day contact details below.

Kelley Kemp 0277558613
Bernie Hall 0212587937
Robyn Hall 0275595379
Shanelle McCashin 02102657995

Thanks for everyone's patience and support. Bring on SHOW DAY!!

Shanelle, Kelley and Bernie

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Arts and Motions Sunday Practice & Update

Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow for practice 1-3pm

Please can we have all girls from hip hop bring long black tights can they please bring them to practice so we can add them to there costume bag.  You will get them back after the show.  If you don't have long black tights please let us know.  

We will be measuring Lyrical girls tomorrow for some sashes that will be added to costume.

I am still waiting on a itinerary for Monday the 13th August.  As soon as I have this timetable a newsletter will be sent out regarding all the information for the day and everything you will need to know.

Thanks for your patience we only have three practices left so please help us in having 100% attendance so we can nail the show.

Bernie Hall, Shanelle and Kelley